About Us

We bring the Portable Modern Laptop Stand as a means of creating comfort for anyone who may travel,study or work for long periods of time on their Laptops or Tablets. We find ourselves needing to create conveniences that are there with us easily everywhere we go whilst also minimizing permanent health hazards to our body when working so after months of research and time spent for this device we come from Sydney, Australia and bring together the start of many more with our company The Computer Stand.

This project was put together as i spend long flights travelling and enduring long hours on my laptop, i slowly started to develop aches and pains throughout my neck and lower back due to hunching over constantly. To find a solution i started to educate myself and look into different measures of action to alleviate this issue from purchasing multiple different laptop stands and the things never worked out, some where too big, some made with poor quality and others just plain heavy - so with the power of the internet and access to its endless stream of information i educated myself around ergonomics and its benefits, bringing this device both for your Laptop and Tablet.
Its Light, Aesthetic and Portable - easily tucked away in your bag or luggage & made with the highest quality